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Competition 2024 for permanent teaching positions (Maître de Conférence, Université de Lorraine)

In 2024, there are 7 positions open for Maître de Conférence (MCF) at the Université de Lorraine, section CNU 27 (Computer Sciences). Two of these positions have a research profile broad enough to accept candidates with a bioinformatic background. Such candidates are invited to join the Capsid team in Department D5 (Complex Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) at the LORIA.

Interested candidates should be « qualified » (see the qualification procedure on the Galaxie website ; unfortunately, the qualification campaign is already closed for the 2024 competition).

Qualified candidates are welcome to contact the Capsid team leader or any other Capsid member they know as soon as possible, in order to discuss about their integration in the team and their chances in the competition. They can also contact in parallel the concerned teaching institutions (see below).

Positions open for the 2024 MCF competition having research profiles compatible with a bioinformatic background.
  1. MCF at IDMC (Institute for Data Management and Cognition). Open for recruitment in the LORIA teams of Departments D3 (Networks, Systems and Services), D4 (Automatic processing of Languages and Kowledge), and D5 (Complex Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics). Possibility to teach in English to be discussed with the director of IDMC, in relation with Erasmus Mundus programs at IDMC.
  2. MCF at Telecom Nancy. Research profile in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Possibility to teach in English to be discussed with the director of Telecom Nancy.

These positions are also advertised on the LORIA website.

PhD subjects 2024

  1. To be announced

M2 internships 2024

  1. To be announced


Past Offers

M2 internships 2023

  1. Investigating the conformational dynamics of different spike variants (read full description here) . Contact person: Yasaman Karami

Inria Junior Professor Chair (CPJ) opened for recruitment in 2022 at Nancy Grand-Est in connexion with CAPSID research activities

This chair is part of the Inria Digital Biology theme and focuses on « AI for the simulation of molecular interactions towards the design of inhibitors for therapeutic usage » (IA-SIMIT). It is linked to the work carried out in the CAPSID team.

The highly competitive CPJ Inria positions are offered under public-law fixed-term contracts (CDD) (3 to 6 years) with a view to tenure in the corps of research directors at Inria*.

Read the full announcement , and check the conditions and the calendar to apply.
IMPORTANT. The application deadline is July 3rd, 2022 with auditions scheduled for the second half of July and taking office on September 1st, 2022.
The candidates sought must present recognized expertise in structural bioinformatics and/or AI methods, and teaching experience.
If you are interested, please send us your CV and contact us:
– Marie-Dominique Devignes (Responsable de l’équipe CAPSID)
– Isaure Chauvot de Beauchêne (Responsable de l’axe Bionformatique Structurale dans l’équipe CAPSID)
as well as:
– Bruno Lévy (Directeur du Centre de Recherche Nancy Grand-Est)
as soon as possible to discuss your project.

*: The CPJs benefit from a favorable research environment including teaching activities in an Inria partner higher education institution (up to 28 hours of classes or 42 hours of practical or supervised work per year) and dedicated funding. Recruited scientists can join an existing Inria team or propose the creation of a new project-team.

Call for candidates for a teacher-researcher position in 2022

(Obsolete)The multidisciplinary CAPSID team brings together researchers and teacher-researchers from a variety of backgrounds such as biology, computer science and chemistry. Affected by the death of Dave Ritchie in 2019, the team wishes to strengthen its structural bioinformatics axis by recruiting on a machine learning/deep learning/AI – oriented IT profile applied in this field.

We therefore wish to support applications (French-speaking) for a teacher-researcher position at the Université de Lorraine (section 27) in 2022.

Download full call

M2 internship opportunities for 2021


  • M2 en Géométrie numérique avec application aux structures des protéines. En lien avec le projet HLA-3D-Diff. Co-supervisé par Etienne Corman (Equipe Pixel) et Marie-Dominique Devignes (Equipe Capsid). Sujet en pdf.
  • M2 en Apprentissage sur les graphes avec application aux fonctions des molécules. Co-supervisé par Sabeur Aridhi (Equipe Capsid) et Yannick Toussaint (Equipe Orpailleur). Sujet en pdf disponible bientôt.
  • M1 ou M2 en modélisation moléculaire des complexes ARN – protéine. Co-supervisé par Fariza Tahi et Eric Angel (équipe AROB@s, IBISC, Evry) et Isaure Chauvot de Beauchene (CAPSID, LORIA). Détails

General information

In France, many recruitments are made on an annual cycle.

    • PhD Theses
      •  Each year, INRIA funds a number of doctoral thesis projects. These are awarded on a competitive basis. Please see: PhD positions. In a similar manner, the IAEM doctoral school funds some doctoral theses in informatics. If you wish to discuss a possible IAEM thesis project, please contact one of the permanent team members around November-January with a view to applying in February.
    • Postdocs and Engineers
    • Masters Students
      • Each year the team can host a small number of masters students wishing to undertake an internship, or « stage », of from one to six months. If you wish join the team in this way, please contact one of the permanent team members.
  • Délégations
    • The team can also accept French professors on a « délégation » of up to one year. Please contact Marie-Dominique Devignes if you want to consider joining the team in this way. Normally applications must be made around October (CNRS) or mid-December (Inria).