Computational Algorithms for Protein Structures and Interactions

Inria, CNRS, University of Lorraine




Univeristè de Lorraine

Project EMtegrator — Integrative Modeling of Large Macromolecular Complexes


Scientific Aims

This project consolidates a collaboration between two computational biology teams with the aim of developing algorithms and training research students in the emerging field of integrative protein structure modeling. The overall scientific objective is to help model large macromolecular protein complexes which are responsible for many biological functions by integrating molecular structure data from cryo-electron microscopy and other experimental sources. A significant aspect of the project is the analyse and modeling of macromolecular flexibility, which is a considerable computational challenge and major bottleneck in protein structure modeling.


This project is funded by the Inria Nancy Grand Est research centre as a "NEAT" project (Nancy Emerging Associate Team).